Ready for sale!






Look at these! I’m so excited and proud that I finally nailed it! Handmade goodness. I’m going to be starting on a shirt here in the next few days and will be posting the bow ties for sale soon. I hope you guys are excited for these as I am. And the shirts will be posted for sale and the next few days following.

It’s all in the details

So yesterday, I’m working on my new shirt prototype. Coming along swimmingly, I almost finished in one 4 hour sitting. I go to finish it today and some things we’re just a bit off. I didn’t like how the collar turned out, but that’s just how it was with the new pattern I’m trying out; so I’m gonna make adjustments to the collar pattern piece.

Also, the way I was assembling all the shirt pieces was making the finishing stitches not as clean as I’d like so I have to figure out a better way of putting it together. It’s little details that no one would really notice but if I’m gonna be selling a handmade shirt, I want all the details top notch. Other than the collar area, I really like how the shirt was turning out, so we’re close. We’re very, very close. Since this was a new pattern and I was kind of combining it with the former one I was using and making changes on the fly, I’m not too disappointed with how it went.

I’m not sure if this is making much sense cause it’s pretty late for me. But the whole point is that the A&ACO shirt almost came out like I wanted. I have a feeling the next one will be it.

Handmade goodness


Hello folks. I’m back posting again and got some news. I’ve been bit by the cut and sew bug and really trying to make it happen this time around (my laziness killed my momentum). Today, after work I’ll be working on a shirt, just to make sure I got it down before selling happens. But there will be a lot of cool short sleeve shirts coming out for ya for the summer. Custom fabrics and prints will be used along with some cool denims and some nice solids. Just wait, you’ll see.

I made this bow tie last night. I think it came out well for my prototype. I see the adjustments I need to make to get it right. I’m gonna try and throw another together tonight and be ready to sell those. Really excited about it, I was even working on the packaging last night for them.

There’s a few other things ill be working on and keeping quiet until I iron them out. But I’m really excited about the now ties and shirts.

Make sure and follow my Instagram, I’ll be posting lots of ‘in progress’ shots and wonder mirror modeling pictures. So go ahead and follow me at dustin_anthem.

Shirts are a little delayed


So I have this little gem share with you guys. This shot is from my printer and this sight makes me so excited. The look perfect and I couldn’t be happier. The shirts were suppose to ship out the other day but was delayed because they forgot to print an area. Whoops, hah, things happen. But I’m just happy to get this and able to show you guys. I can’t wait for them to get there and out to you all :)

Hope you guys are as excited as I am.

The wheels are turning

So yesterday, I had the very cool opportunity to go and play with a lot of cool toys. I was in an artists version of Disney World. I got to play with metal engravers, laser engravers, DTG printer, and an awesome printer that can print out car wraps. There were also embroidery machines, but those will have to wait until another time.

The coolest thing by far, had to of been the laser engraver. That will open up so many door for products and it has been turning my head-brains wheels on branding, products, and a whole bunch of other things. In the pictures below the wood necklace, acrylic necklace, the keychain, the earrings, the wooden cuff links and the leather bracelet were all made by this machine. It was so fascinating to watch, and listen to for that matter. It’s amazing how small and how much detail can be retained. But, getting to products, this can help me, very easily make these wallets I want to do.

Oh, and ladies, would you want to rock some A&A earrings? This is now a possibility that I never thought about doing. One thing I have been wanting to do are cuff links, it’s not something I’ve mentioned but I’ve been fostering in my head. The wooden cuff links turned out really cool and have an awesome look, but the engraved ones have a beautiful, classic look to them. But really, I just love how the wood looks so I’ve been thinking about things to do with that.

The keychain was awesome mind blowing. And I’ll be thinking about things I want to do with that, ways you guys can simply show off your A&A pride. The last thing we made were those A&A stickers, so now it got me thinking about stickers. Ahh! So much. But I have about a dozen of the stickers in the pictures, anyone want one? :)

There’s not much else I can say, it was a super cool learning experience and a dream for anyone who likes to create. I was drooling to say the least and I can’t wait to go back with some ideas, and create some cool stuff that I didn’t even consider before. Oh, and the embroidery machine. We didn’t play with that because you have to have your imagine digitized so hopefully that will be done so next time I’m there we can have some fun with those guys.

I don’t know what else to say, there’s just too much to put into works so I’ll let you guys look at the pictures and if you have any ideas or like anything you see and would want see more of let us know. Like I said before, this opens up doors to making products I never would have considered so girls, if there’s some kind of jewelry you’d like, please let me know.




Shirts being printed + more

It’s been a while since any updates have been posted on here so I wanted to fill everyone in on what’s happening at the A&AShop. First of all, as I type this and/or you’re reading this, we have new shirts being printed right now! I’m really excited and really happy with the designs.

Second, I’ve been kicking around the idea of new hoodies. The last one’s I had printed three years ago now have been my most popular product so it’s time for another design. With the hoodie, there’s a design I’ve been working on that was was doing for a hoodie specifically but I love it and want it on a shirt more than a hoodie. So on instagram and facebook you can see what the hoodies are gonna look like and I used the color scheme of the shirt for the hoodie. Confused? I hope not. So I think I’m gonna release them together because I like that idea.

Along with that new design, I’ve been working on a few others and A&A-izing some Silna Viera designs, which happened to be some of my favorites I’ve ever released. Unfortunately I didn’t release them under the A&A brand but that’s okay, I’m getting them up to brand :) When will they be released…eh, I don’t know cause I still have a lot of the SV stuff still laying around.

Along with that, I’ve been thinking about how I’m gonna do these necklaces cause they take a couple weeks to produce and somewhat costly, so I think I’m just gonna get a TINY batch made and see how that goes. I might put them up for a preorder as well so if I get more purchases than what I was gonna originally order, than I can do that. Hmm…we’ll see how.

Anyways. That’s it for now below are the three designs being printed, just the mock ups of course, and also the hoodies I want to print, again a mock up. I still have yet to release the new design I’ve been pouring so much time into because there’s a certain element of it I’m working on that I keep flip-flopping, turning up-side-down and changing. Once I get it more to where it’s kind of set in stone, we’ll be good to go. The thing I keep changing is I want to add more of a religious element into my designs but not too much so that people who don’t share the same beliefs wouldn’t want to still wear it, so that’s what I’m trying to work out.

Thank you guys as always, and I love you. Stay grounded.



‘Watch’ us…


Ah, dad joke or bad joke? Anyways…

So what do you guys think? I know I talked about watches a little bit but not much just kind of wanted this to be a surprise. I need to figure out some things to make them available for you guys but I love this!

Things like this, the necklaces, are my steps towards a supply company. Which brings me to my next point. My main goal, as you shod know, is to share a message of faith, love, and hope and for us to know who we are as individuals so we can know ourselves as a greater world. Sharing that message is easier with shirt cause I can just say it. So how do accessories help? Well I believe the way we dress says a lot of how we feel. Let it reflect who we are inside. Now I’m not saying be vain, it’s all about outward appearance but when I feel good I want to look good and visa versa.

And hopefully you guys know what anthem & anchor means, what the name and brand stands for. What our logo represents. And so I want people yo be reminded of that every time they look at that.

Does any if that make sense? I wrote it at 5 in the morning. Love you guys, until next time.

New designs


I’ve been really trying to hammer out some designs that I’m way proud of and I think I’ve finally done just that. The ‘Songs of the soul’ shirt is a very new version of a favorite. This was the first shirt I designed and I think that this quote is very much the basic, core, ideals of A&A. A lot of people have been asking for it, and as much as I love the original design, for what it was, I wanted to do something new.

Next is the ‘Salt & Light’ shirt. This one I’m way happy about. This design comes straight from scripture but I think it’s a great way to say, “be the best you” even if you don’t find yourself to be Christian. I’ve been really trying to push the hand drawn designs, and a lot of what I’ve been doing recently has been that but then I would make a nice clean vector image with a lot of computer drawing on them. But this design, is just hand drawn and the color intensified so it would be easy to print.

The last one, I know is more branding but we know what A&A means and stands for (at least we should, if not, go study up). I designed this just for branding purposes, business cards, other things like that but I really liked it and so thought, why not?! Right?

There’s one other design I’ve been working on that I wanted to include with this order but just haven’t gotten the right look so I’m gonna keep trying to hammer it out and release it later.

I may try and throw one of these designs on a hoodie for the coming months but we’ll see.

There’s other things I’ve been working on for you guys, still trying to get this necklace situation worked out, another cool accessory, and gonna try and hammer out quite a few keychains for the shop. I think these are all the updates I have for now. Thanks guys. <3


Necklaces + More


I don’t know if you guys remember when I had this made or not. But after trying to order some to sell to you guys I found out that this model was a “fluke” and shouldn’t have been made. So I’ve been working since trying to come up with a model that would work and FINALLY have done so. It’s being made right now, so we’ll see how it turns out, it’s going to take a while but I’m excited because I love this thing, it means so much to me because to me this is more than just some logo or emblem. The treble/anchor logo reminds me of my own personal anthem and anchor and I hope it does the same for you guys.

My anthem and my anchor is my love and testimony of Christ and that is what drives me to do what I do. It’s what I want to make of this company and the amazing message I want to share with you, with everyone. It’s why I put so much love and passion into what I make for you guys, and why I want to make stuff. It’s why I want to make stuff with my own two hands and put so much into every little detail.

Anyways, along with this finally being produced, I have another pendant being made. I’m probably going to sell them together, I’m not quite sure yet. And I’m only going to get a few made at a time, because it takes a long time to get printed and sent to me then with the other pendant I’m having made, I have to do some stuff to it to make it look awesome. But I hope you’ll be satisfied and I will be posting pictures of them as I get the and how you guys will lovingly wear these and remember your love and passion and what you live for everyday when you put these pendants on.

This company is so much more than just a name and some logo’s and pictures and saying to me. It’s a way of life, it’s a way of thinking. It’s a call to our generation and the ones following to stand up and out against what we’ve grown accustom to. If we are able to find who we are, find an outlet to pour our passion, time, and love into we can avoid the poisons of the world and change the state of this country. We are a movement, we are the stone being throw into the water that will affect so much to come.

Shirts and other news


I’ve got some exciting news everyone! These bad boys will be in my door step on Saturday and finally be available.

Also, now in production is a necklace prototype! I’m pretty stoked, working on another one as well. Lastly, going to be getting more leather supplies and working on some wallet, drew up a few ideas, now to make them and see which version I like the best! Stay tuned everyone!


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